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Association '' truth '' is engaged in humanitarian work for four years. So far, we have achieved very good results and realized that donations of over 1.5 million.
More about our work, and donations that we presented can be seen on our website on fb page, as well as on our Youtube channel / IstinaTV

During our work we have encountered many problems and obstacles for the resolution of which should take care of the state. The most vulnerable categories of the population also suffer the most, sinking deeper and deeper, with no hope for a better tomorrow. So we decided to huge steps move forward with the project '' One roof for all ''.

It is a project of construction of a multifunctional center, which users will be persons from 1 to 101 years (of all ages). We want our capacities we have, and that will continue to expand all categories of users provide adequate care, support, counseling, care and everything else you need a man to be able to function normally in life.

The center will be called '' One roof for all ''. Will be built in the municipality, on 100 acres of land. The idea is that this center has a main building that will house the pensioners, rehabilitation center, a center for helping children with special needs, different types of counseling, but the dialysis center. In addition to the main building of the Centre, the plan is to build three houses. The two houses will be designed to accommodate children without parental care. The third house will be a temporary shelter for women victims of domestic violence and their children.

In his team of the Centre will have lawyers, educators, social workers and psychologists who will provide all kinds of free assistance and counseling and other citizens, not only to the Centre. It is planned to employ more than 40 people of different qualifications. Priority in employment certainly will have people from the region of Eastern Bosnia (Visegrad, Gorazde, Rudo, Foca, Rogatica, Cajnice ...)

We are currently raising funds for the construction of the Centre '' One roof for all '', and the development of the detailed design for the construction, so that we could get adequate-sanctioned and in 2015 to lay the foundation of the Center, and to begin its construction. We have launched a humanitarian number so that we and thus raise the funds to build. Donations of good people around the world are slowly coming, because we started with media promotion through our emissions of '' True TV '' and 'Heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina ".

Therefore, we hereby turn in the hope that you will recognize the value of this project, and in accordance with the possibilities of your company to provide us financial support for the construction of the Centre!!For more information about the project, please contact us via e-mail:
or by phone (English Speaking) 00387 60 3158020

We started building and we lack resources for further work!!!

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