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The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance (CCEG, has been in existence since April 2013 and is a not-for-profit academic unit based in the UK that focuses on the measurement of intangible non-financial value. It spun out of the University of Northampton but is now independent.

It is the umbrella organisation for 92 universities in the world who developed the metric - Social Earnings Ratio® or S/E Ratio® (the corollary to the price earnings ratio or p/e ratio). It is the fastest adopted metric in the world (Vatican 2015, The S/E Ratio has been in development since 2011 and was originally commissioned by the Big Society think tank.

We have a trading arm, Seratio® ( which has measured UK£ 2.7 trillion worth of organisations and benchmarked them. We are the leading provider of social value metrics for the UK public sector under the Social Value Act 2012 – 100x more than its nearest competitor, with UK£ 3.15 billion under management. Our latest brochure for the trading arm can be found at The trading arm invests its profits back into CCEG to continue the research.

We run an international journal of Social Value & Intangibles Review (, which has 37,500 subscribers; this includes 4000 heads of CSR of the world’s largest companies and 2000 politicians. We have recently launched our Personal Value proposition (details at where we will measure 1 million people’s PV for free. The campaign is supported by Desmond Tutu Foundation UK, Former First Lady Cherie Blair, actress Sharon Stone (our next magazine front cover), broadcaster Richard Dimbleby, footballer Gianluigi Buffon, IIRC Chairman Judge Professor Mervyn King, etc. We also wrote the bible of the industry - a 250 page report “Social Value in Public Procurement” ( or

As you can see we are both a not-for-profit campaigning organisation (CCEG) and a trading arm that supports it (Seratio). Our overall aim is to understand the linkages between a good thought, to a good citizen, a good family, good community, good organisation, good region, good nation and good world. The measurement of financial value is the pound; what is the measure of non-financial value? We consider:

Total Value = Financial Value + Non-Financial Value

Total Value = p/e + s/e

We are trying to develop the currency of non-financial value. This allows the use of financial modelling tools to measure intangible value. We are able to convert sentiment into financial value rapidly on a SaaS platform. We can measure organisational value in 10 seconds, personal value in 60 seconds, etc. By digitising value we support legislation in the UK by providing metrics to measure what was previously considered to be immeasurable. This is often related to areas of procurement eg best value.

We are recognised internationally and Chair EU SEiSMiC Social Value group, Chair EU PROCUREMENT Social Value and Transparency in Supply Chains, and are commissioned by EU DGCONNECT to measure the social value of 850 start-ups in their FIWARE programme. We are also used by United Nations PRiME. Our free international advisory service has been consulted by many governments ( We have addressed the Vatican ( and regularly called upon to advise public services within other countries (eg Sweden Social Services We hold conferences eg. London (, Prague, etc and publish our findings in peer reviewed academic journals.

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