HDPF Tanzania Fundraiser Project | "Donate for changing lives of Children in need in Tanzania"


Goal: TZS1,100,000.00 



It is true that there is no permanent help in life. Every person is struggling with her/his affairs through what is earned because that is a principle of life.
Great is few of us are still considering to share with the people in needy regardless of the quantity and boundaries.
The great challenge still is there is a huge number of people in need around the world and this is giving headache the few compassionate people and charities we have.
Therefore, our call for support and strategy is to answer the need for education to many less privileged kids so that we may empower them to stand on their own feet and reduce dependency.

"Donate for changing lives of Children in need in Tanzania" is a fundraiser intending to collect US $13,410 to support the education of 40 less privileged children enrolled at Upendo Daima Children's Academy to facilitate them to have access to the early childhood education free of charge for the school year 2016.

Education empowers individuals to face the challenges of becoming productive citizens. In addition to its integral value for individuals, education is also a key determinant of health, population dynamics and economic development.

Upendo Daima Children's Academy serve solely orphans, disabled, HIV/AIDS victims and other vulnerable children as these groups of children after our assessment are in jeopardy due to many socioeconomic and cultural challenges they are facing.

This pre-school offer all it services to these children free of charge and is deeply helping them because their families, relatives and guardians fail to afford the cost of sending in pre-school for the preparation of their next levels of education.

After three years of pre-school., our organization through the support of valuable friends is taking these children to the next levels of education under our child sponsorship program.

It is my belief that you will join us to answer the following needs:
FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR 2016, we are in need of meeting these needs for 40 less privileged children enrolled at our pre-school:

1. Daily feeding of children at school will cost US $7,400 for 40 less privileged children

2. School supplies will cost US $560.

3. School uniforms will cost US $ 1,560.

4. Health insurance will cost US $480.

5. Construction of toilet (US $700)

6. Construction of security fence (US $1400)

7. Construction of kitchen & store (US $1310).
TOTAL: US $13,410

Your donations are very important and valued; please donate any amount to make a life's change.
We rely on your generosity to make a better future for these children.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any question, idea or suggestions and donations.

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