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Here is your opportunity to help children in remote Peruvian pueblos to have an opportunity to escape the destitution and despair that has been their lives until now. Educational materials and supplies that will enable them to study, learn and gain the education that will be the door to freedom and a life of dignity and prosperity.

With your generous contribution, we will provide school supplies, books and educational materials, learning games and related equipment to children where those supplies are virtually non-existent. Currently, school children don't even have paper, stubs of pencils are shared, libraries have no books and the possibility to finish school is inhibited, let alone going on to university.
Education is the one thing that can not be taken away or lost once it is instilled. It is the cheapest and most effective way out of the destitution that has ensnared generations. In the words of the great Mexican-American social activist, Cesar Chavez;
"Once a social movement has begun, it can not be reversed. You can not un-educate a person who has learned to read. You can not humiliate someone who feels pride. You can not oppress people who are no longer afraid."
Help us to make the changes that will last a lifetime. Thank you.

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