AYAO/KID FIT | Running And Dancing Against Cancer & Obesity

United States

Goal: USD500.00 

United States


Neither Cancer nor Obesity can destroy my Family!!!

(*This is an Official A.Y.A.O. Initiative)

#RADACO - Running And Dancing Against Cancer & Obesity is our way to expand our fight against 2 #WorthyCauses

Both Cancer and Obesity are near and dear to my heart. We launched AYAO, initially in 1994, to become a force against childhood obesity. After learning from various collaborations and events around the country, we begin to advocate more Active & Healthy Lifestyles for all ages.
Recently, I loss my eldest brother, Henry O. Currie III, to Prostate Cancer. Mother's Day May 11, 2014 I watched him take his very last breath.
At this very moment, I have my dad, 2 brothers, and 2 sisters diagnosed with some form of Cancer.
So with what I feel is a vision from God, I've decided to use my gifts to increase awareness, while raising funds to help aid the research of both cancer and obesity.

I was blessed with the gifts of Dance and Great Health, so I will give them back to help motivate the world to become more proactive and knowledgeable of was to prevent these and other diseases!
AYAO is partnering with the producers of the Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series, Competitor Group Inc, and we will be running in each City in which they host a Marathon.

I will also perform either a street dance performance or a organized stage performance in these same Cities. We launched this initiative just this past weekend at the San Jose 1/2 Marathon and it promises to be super fundraiser!

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