How to track donations with Google Analytics

By Aneta Błachewicz & Marcin Stępień 2016-04-06

Google Analytics URL Builder generates custom campaign parameters which can identify the most effective campaigns in attracting users to customer's content. Donors can leverage this tool to track donations on Whenvisited.

URL's tracking is useful when you want to break down traffic by specific donation or NGOs. The main condition is to integrate landing page with Google Analytics.

Here is an example of sponsor website using URL's tracking:



Donor (sponsor) who promotes page can mark traffic from every donation that have been given. Here are an some other examples for some of ours NGO's tracking URLs :

Donation for Mountains of Hope for Cause: Help Girls make sanitary towels in Uganda:

Donation for Mountains of Hope for Cause: Provide clean water for a school in Uganda: water-for-a-school-in-uganda

A sponsor may use UTM tags like above in the URL of the landing page to know how particular donations campaigns boost traffic. A variety of data is  collected via Google Analytics statistics according to UTM parameters. Donor can know such details as demographics, age or unique visits. Furthermore, donor can also determine what the traffic of any given donation campaign is.

URL's tracking is recommended to be used when you're directing traffic to a landing page from a place other than a 'call-to-action' on your own site. Using this method helps sponsors know who visits their landing page and which websites generate traffic to their landing page the most often. Moreover, you may use it also on mobile app ads.

Please follow this instruction if you'd like to try it: