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Platform for gaining sponsorship from Companies for Nonprofits

How we are changing the status quo

What would happen if a part of companies' marketing budgets were designed for responsible donating?
Commerce Sponsors need a new reason to donate to nonprofits.

Let's switch priorities!

How changes the way companies are planning marketing budget

How it works

1. A Nonprofit Organization registers their Cause and shares it with the world.

2. An Advertiser defines the place or site they want visited. They make payments to the Nonprofit's account, upload Gifts and watch the number of page views grow.

3. Every time you, the User, visit the Advertiser’s site, the Nonprofit Organization receives real money. And often, there are extra gifts and perks that will accumulate in your account!

This service is free. We do not receive any commissions for any of the donations.

What you get

  • Your activity supports charitable causes
  • You choose where your attention goes
  • Advertisers never see your personal information

For sponsors

Join us

  • We provide a new marketing channel
  • The user chooses to support you, not adblock
  • Socially Responsible Advertising
  • you obtain a new PR tool


Join us

  • New fundraising channel
  • Better recognition
  • Rise of awareness
  • Thank back to donors